SealMaster Asphalt-Based Sealcoating Products

SealMaster produces asphalt-based sealcoat products that are friendly for the environment and for the applicator. Based in Sandusky, Ohio, SealMaster distributes pavement repair and sealcoating products throughout all of Ohio including: Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati, and all citites in between.

  • MasterSeal is the name of our flagship, asphalt-based sealcoat.
  • PMM, or Polymer Modified MasterSeal, is our high-end asphalt based sealer. It is manufactured with polymer additives that produce a stronger film, better sand suspension and holding ability, and a deep, black finish.
  • Liquid Road has the highest level of solids for premium pavement protection. Ideal for higher traffic areas like parking lots, secondary roads, and municipal neighborhood streets.

For more information, call 800-326-1994, or visit our corporate website: